Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Roger Ebbage

Director of Energy and Water Programs | 541-463-6160 View Linked in Profile

SAEEC 9 copy

Having an interest in passive solar building design beginning in the early eighties, Roger was able to convince a Science Division hiring team to bring him on as the LCC Energy Management Program Coordinator in 1992. Since that time he's been working with an exceptional instructional/support staff and energy colleagues (SOLARC, EWEB, BPA, IREC, NWPPA, NEEA, NEEC) throughout the Northwest/US to develop what has become the national model for energy education.

In 1998 through a contract with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Roger created the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute providing practitioner professional development opportunities nationally and internationally and has been honored by the Association of Professional Energy Managers, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the Community College League for Innovation, and most recently (2018), the Association of Energy Engineers with achievement awards. Roger's particular professional interests include working with students who are entering and working through the LCC two year Energy and Water degree programs resulting in meaningful employment, and assisting other community colleges with creating their own energy related programs,

 Most recently, Roger serves as the Principal Investigator (PI) on two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants that put both the Energy Management and Water Conservation Programs fully online and as a Co-PI on the NSF Center For Renewable Energy Advanced Technological Education (CREATE) Resource Center out of Madison College in Madison, WI.

Ginny Young

Office Manager | 541-463-6161View Linked in Profile

Ginny Young

Ever since the program's re-birth in 1992 and the addition of the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) in 1997, Ginny has acted as our Energy Program midwife.

She is the guru of finances as well as the magician keeping our heads above the rising waters. She is the pacifier, arbitrator and counselor for both student and staff! In other words; Ginny manages the office, Coordinates our various programs and workshops for students and staff, directs traffic, keep things progressing, protects the fort, and bakes delicious cookies to encourage attendance at our staff meetings. She possesses a tremendous wealth of knowledge regarding  NWEEI and is usually the first line of information when you need help or program information.

Beckie Holloway

Administrative Specialist | 541-463-6161


Beckie has recently joined our team to assist in the office and with our students. She is the keeper of keys, schedules, student records, invoices, billing, payments  and  much more. Beckie is already producing results with both the Building Operator's Certification and the Energy Management Programs. She is our newest point of student contact for those entering our programs and with her exceptional people skills, we are pleased that she has chosen NWEEI for her employment!!



Erik Westerholm

Project Specialist / Red Team Leader | 541-463-6170View Linked in Profile

Erik Westerholm

Erik grew up on farms in Lane and Clatsop counties, and always marveled at the self sufficient lifestyles of his Scandinavian grandparents. A degree in Geography from the University of Oregon led to a career in Aerial Photography, and an interest in Renewable Energy led him to NWEEI. Erik enrolled in 2003, began working for NWEEI in 2004, and the rest is history.

Erik facilitates the Building Operator Certification Program, sits on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) for the Oregon Renewable Energy Apprenticeship program, and travels widely to promote the Energy Programs. Erik enjoys Habitat and Stream-bed Restoration projects and can be seen puttering about the West in his bright blue bio-diesel powered Chevy LUV. Give a friendly honk, and he'll pull over to let you pass!

Josh Manders

Project Specialist | 541-463-6165View Linked in Profile

Josh Manders

As a 2009 graduate of the Energy Management program, his current responsibilities vary heavily between “under the hood” technical tasks (all things digital & IT; system design, integration & programming; digital building controls, data analysis & management) and heavily creative assignments (strategic planning & proposals; project & grant management; collaborative learning, educational frameworks & online course development).

Having a problem with your digital technology? Josh is our talented technical guide, resident gadgeteer and will repair the issue with a wave of his hand (right or left - doesn't matter)*. His dedicated interest and involvement within the energy industry, continually motivates him to find solutions and new opportunities for energy efficient design.

* Handwaving is not an industry recognized troubleshooting technique.

Bruce Alford

Full Time Energy Instructor / Mr. PIBB | 541-463-6177View Linked in Profile


Also known as Mr. PIBB, Bruce has accepted a full-time faculty position beginning in the summer of 2010. His specialties include advanced spreadsheets, commercial building energy modeling, lighting upgrade technology, and advanced analysis of energy-using HVAC equipment and control systems.

Bruce is a fellow graduate of the Energy Management Program (1994) and worked at Solarc Architecture and Engineering until 2005.  He recently completed a five-year opportunity at the Oregon Department of Energy that helped public schools other state buildings save energy and operating expenses.  The opportunity to continue learning and the common bond shared with other devoted professionals contribute to his belief that he currently holds the best job in the state -- He often says he can’t believe he gets paid to do what he loves to do!