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Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Every year we come in contact with an increasing amount of amazing resources that can be used within the classroom, training facilities and even our personal lives.  The difficulty of course is, how do we share some of those resources without overwhelming folks? How can we organize things into useful categories and keep things up to date without spending an exhaustive amount of time and effort?

We're still examining a couple of ways to accomplish this including custom plugin's that would allow a rating system, user comments, searchable categories, tags... and the list goes on.  Until then: Use the Article Index (visually located to your RIGHT) to jump to a different section you might be interested in.

Better Bricks Newsletter November 2022.



NWEEI Developed

pdf Compact Energy Management Auditing Toolkit - V2
The selection of tools for this kit have been built upon our experiences with students and feedback from energy auditor professionals within the industry. It is by no means a complete exhaustive auditing kit but is comprehensive enough to accurately measure, verify and demonstrate energy usage within buildings.

pdf Energy Management Auditing Toolkit - V1 Multichannel Datalogger
An older version of the tool kit above, this kit is also designed to provide the tools necessary to accurately measure energy flow within a building. The major difference is in the switch of technology from a multi-channel serial device datalogger to a smaller footprint USB datalogger.  There are some advantages to using the HOBOPro dataloggers namely the ability to use many different sensor types along with the amount of channels available.

pdf Basic Energy Auditing Tool Bag
A bare minimal field toolkit for taking out on audit (pre-datalogging).  It doesn't include a lot of handy items but is a starting point for most basic conditions.

pdf Sample Summer Workshop Agenda for Energy Educators - Example schedule for multiday training

pdf Sample Workbook for Energy Educators -- a comprehensive 2yr EM Program Overview
What is this workbook/guidebook for? One of the difficulties in creating a quality degree program is selecting the collection of classes that not only teach students specific skills but also provides them with an understanding of their targeted industry. We have the expertise and the historic perspective of successfully running these types of Energy and Water programs since 1980. This booklet provides an example and not the definitive rule of what a comprehensive 2-year AAS Degree program should contain.

Magnetic Ballast Flicker Checker - Bruce Alford demonstrates the flicker checker and the observed visual effect when viewed under a magnetic ballast with T12 lamps.  The flicker checker can potentially be used to detect a bad driver component within LED lighting as the visual strobing effect operates under the same principals (see: http://www.envisionlighting.com). An quick informational help sheet can be downloaded from e3:  e3 FlickerChecker Helpsheet

Penthouse HVAC Tour - Roger walks students through an air handler as part of their lab activities required for class. The Penthouse is located atop one of the buildings on Lane Community College campus and is also a location for datalogging activities. ** Note: In assisting program start-ups around the country, we encourage the use of campus buildings as learning laboratories because they typically contain many (if not all) of the system types that students find out in the field.**

Oakridge Elementary School - Biomass Boiler Visitation with Bill Krei
Oakridge Elementary school has recently installed a new biomass boiler system to run as the principal source of heat for the building. The system is expected to save the school over $20,000 a year in heating bills. This video was created to give a quick look behind the scenes at how the system is setup and installed as well as some of the technical details of the project.

Project completed in 2012.

NSF Grant Related

Mediasite Video Presenation: 5min Intro to our NSF Grant
Introduction to the LANES NSF grant using Mediasite. Presentation by Roger Ebbage
note: you must have Microsoft Silverlight player to view this content

Presentation Slides: Grant Approach
Below are the slides from the presentation using google embedded docs.

5 minutes of Fame - Moodle & Online Classes
A quick video summarizing efforts in creating online classes for Energy Management.

Simplified Cooling Load Calculation

thumbnail of book cover Book IN PRINT!

Peter Herzog provides a method, analysis techniques, and the step-by-step guidance that will permit a facility operator or energy manager to tap into the same energy and cost savings available to paid performance contractors – while keeping the savings in house.

This is a must-have book for anyone operating a building.

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