Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

  • To enroll in a 2-year degree program, fill out the program application from Lane Community College.

  • To attend an upcoming professional development opportunity, training and or certification (BOC, EMC), use the registration form below.


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Phone: 541-463-6160 | Fax: 541-463-6179

You are responsible for full payment of this registration unless you notify NWEEI in advance (Cancellation fees may be program specific. 5-10 days default) if you are unable to attend. If payment is not made in advance of the event or training, NWEEI reserves the right to pull your registration and you will not be allowed to attend.

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