Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Professional Development

Energy Management Certificate (EMC)

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SUMMER Energy Management Certificate
Annual Specialized Training Event

July 9-20, 2018

EMC is an advanced certificate program designed for Engineers, Technicians, Educators, Facility Maintenance staff, and Energy Managers. EMC is a performance based certificate program that requires each student to implement an efficiency project, resulting in immediate hands-on experience for the student, and rapid energy savings for clients and employers.

This program goes beyond the fundamentals and teaches a broad spectrum of energy management principles and techniques. The EMC starts with an intense 2-week course of study with campus facilities serving as the program laboratory. During this time students reside at the University of Oregon - room and board are provided. Students then return to their place of employment and use their new knowledge and skills to develop an energy savings project. Throughout the “project year” following the workshop, students will have the support and advice of the energy professionals at NWEEI as they measure energy use, analyze possible savings, and implement their project. EMC Topics include building energy use, glazing, insulation, building envelope, heating/cooling, secondary HVAC, controls, central plant equipment, energy auditing, operation and maintenance. Each topic is covered by a discipline expert.

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Building Operators Certification (BOC)

boc_patches_smBOC is a professional development program created by The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC), and delivered in Oregon by NWEEI. It is designed for operations and maintenance staff working in public or private commercial buildings. It provides education to individuals in energy and resource-efficient operation of building systems at two levels:

Level I - Building System Maintenance (Course Outline)

Level II - Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance (Course Outline)

Class Location & Schedule

BOC is offered at a variety of convenient locations throughout the year within Oregon and Washington.

View BOC Class Schedule for details on where and when classes are offered.


To recieve the Level I certificate, participants must attend seven classes (56 hours), and complete class exams and project assignments at your facility.
To recieve the Level II certificate, participants must attend four core classes (35 hours) and two elective classes (14 hours), complete class exams, and assigned projects.

New for 2017: ANSI 17024 compliant Certification status

BOC for 2017 offers new options for credentialing. Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC) is issued upon successful completion of classes, as outlined above. New for 2017 ANSI 17024 compliant Certified Building Operator status is available upon successful completion of a separate exam administered after classes have ended. Please see links or call for further information.

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Residential Energy Auditor / Inspector Training Program

This program is only offered through NWEEI by special request.

Residential Energy Auditor Training is ideal for employees who will be involved in a residential weatherization program and working with residential customers, helping them determine how energy is being used in their homes, what measures can be taken to save energy, how much those measure will cost and how quickly the measures will pay for themselves.

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Custom Training

By utilizing a variety of instructors from our expansive network of industry experts, we are able to provide training regionally, nationally and internationally.

We have the ability to customize and create training for our partners that is tailored to meet specific educational requirements. Programs can cover a wide range of efficiency topics and can be delivered utilizing on-site facilities, remote locations and virtually on-line. Please contact us for assistance with regional, national, and international customized training and education assistance.

Previous Custom Trainings

Quick Reference Sheet

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Registration for professional training is quick and easy. You may even qualify for free training through your employer and/or a paid scholarship.

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