Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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The Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI) is now officially The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI)

Old logo


New logo


What's up with the new name and updated logo?

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed a small change on our website and materials.  With the addition of water education into our 2-year degree programs and training expertise, we thought it prudent to have those changes represented within our name and within our logo. Our website address will remain as it has been for years (nweei.org).  Although it may seem a small change to some, this large step forward enables the organization to continue to be the preferred source of cost-effective, innovative, high-quality energy and water education designed to quickly respond to industry and societal trends.

Interesting notes about the new logo:

The letter forms are intentionally coupled together in a way that makes intuitive sense.

  • The N stands by itself for “Northwest”
  • The W and the E are connected and groups the subject matter that we cover
  • The E and the I are connected because it’s defining that we are an “Education(al) Institute”

Elements were taken from the old logo to make sure the new one doesn’t look TOO different from it’s origins.  This includes the letter forms used for the “N” one of the “E”s and a slightly modified version of the “i” with the star (or sun/certificate looking stamp).  We tried to keep the “W” in a similar style but more loose and flowing (like water!).  The curvy “w” and "e" look a bit space age (see NASA’s previous logo - used for inspiration). The result is a well balanced and highly readable logo that represents our organization with style.

AEE logo: Approved Education Provider

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