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Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Press Release Source: http://focusthenation.org/programs/recharge
Contact: Sasha Tenzin (503) 224-9440 -

Note: Cody Fish is also previous student of the Energy Programs at the Northwest Water and Energy Education Insitute (NWEEI)

PORTLAND, Ore. – May 15, 2013 – Lane Community College student Cody Fish has been selected as one of the nation’s top rising young leaders in the sustainable energy sector by national non-profit organization Focus the Nation.

Twenty students from across the country have been selected for their dedication, passion, and unique contribution to advancing sustainable energy in America. The young leaders—five each in the categories of Technician, Innovator, Politico, and Storyteller—will meet for one week on August 11th, 2013 on Oregon’s Mt. Hood at the ReCharge! Retreat to explore an area of the country where energy is accelerating towards renewables.

Participants will hike Elliot Glacier, which has experienced 60 percent snowpack loss since 1982; tour the Boardman Coal Plant, scheduled to close by 2020; experience The Dalles Dam, located on the Columbia River and producing hydropower since 1957; and visit Biglow Canyon Wind Farm, which powers 125,000 homes in rural Oregon. Upon returning home, ReCharge! Delegates put what they learn at the retreat to use on their campus and in their communities by promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Fish is studying renewable energy technology and has been selected as a young leader in the Technician category. “We are delighted to have Cody from Lane Community College join us for the ReCharge! Retreat and share his technical expertise. Not only are we excited to support Cody’s leadership development, but are also glad to connect Focus the Nation to Lane Community College for the first time,” says Garett Brennan, Executive Director of Focus the Nation.   
Focus the Nation created ReCharge! in collaboration with The Center for Whole Communities to address the need for rising leaders to approach energy challenges with innovative ideas and fortitude throughout their careers. ReCharge! is made possible through sponsorship by Bonneville Power Administration, EDP Renewables, KEEN Footwear, and Portland General Electric.      


PDF Release: pdf2013_ReCharge_Delegate_Press_Release_C._Fish.docx.pdf05/15/2013

Focus the Nation is the country’s leading youth empowerment organization and supports rising leaders in launching careers that accelerate the transition to sustainable energy in all fifty states. Since 2008, the organization has helped more 300,000 young people engage in direct dialogue with business and elected leaders around energy solutions. For more information about Focus the Nation and ReCharge!, visit www.focusthenation.org/recharge or contact Sasha Tenzin at .

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