Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Press & Media

LCC Student Selected For National Leadership Program

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Press Release Source: http://focusthenation.org/programs/recharge
Contact: Sasha Tenzin (503) 224-9440 -

Note: Cody Fish is also previous student of the Energy Programs at the Northwest Water and Energy Education Insitute (NWEEI)

PORTLAND, Ore. – May 15, 2013 – Lane Community College student Cody Fish has been selected as one of the nation’s top rising young leaders in the sustainable energy sector by national non-profit organization Focus the Nation.

Twenty students from across the country have been selected for their dedication, passion, and unique contribution to advancing sustainable energy in America. The young leaders—five each in the categories of Technician, Innovator, Politico, and Storyteller—will meet for one week on August 11th, 2013 on Oregon’s Mt. Hood at the ReCharge! Retreat to explore an area of the country where energy is accelerating towards renewables.

NEEI becomes NWEEI

The Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI) is now officially The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI)

Old logo


New logo


What's up with the new name and updated logo?

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed a small change on our website and materials.  With the addition of water education into our 2-year degree programs and training expertise, we thought it prudent to have those changes represented within our name and within our logo. Our website address will remain as it has been for years (nweei.org).  Although it may seem a small change to some, this large step forward enables the organization to continue to be the preferred source of cost-effective, innovative, high-quality energy and water education designed to quickly respond to industry and societal trends.

Interesting notes about the new logo:

The letter forms are intentionally coupled together in a way that makes intuitive sense.

  • The N stands by itself for “Northwest”
  • The W and the E are connected and groups the subject matter that we cover
  • The E and the I are connected because it’s defining that we are an “Education(al) Institute”

Elements were taken from the old logo to make sure the new one doesn’t look TOO different from it’s origins.  This includes the letter forms used for the “N” one of the “E”s and a slightly modified version of the “i” with the star (or sun/certificate looking stamp).  We tried to keep the “W” in a similar style but more loose and flowing (like water!).  The curvy “w” and "e" look a bit space age (see NASA’s previous logo - used for inspiration). The result is a well balanced and highly readable logo that represents our organization with style.

Lane's Energy Management students excited about 90,000-square-foot lab

Lane Community College Energy Management Program Coordinator Roger Ebbage talks with students

By Bonnie Henderson
Origionally Published by LaneCC Marketing & Public Relations
March 2013. Article source

When Lane Community College Energy Management Program Coordinator Roger Ebbage calls the new downtown campus academic building "the building that teaches," students believe it.

"The first week we were just walking around with our necks craned, looking up," says student Amy Hill, 27. They were looking at the ceiling, where intentional gaps in acoustical tiles expose the building's essential heating, electrical, and water systems.

The building opened to students in January 2013, but the program has been around for more than two decades. It is still one of just a handful of community college energy management programs in the country, thanks in part to generous support from the Eugene Water and Electric Board. Classes used to be scattered around Lane's main campus, Ebbage notes; if instructors wanted students to see a particular heating or water system, "we had to leave our building and go to another building on campus or downtown to see it. Now they're all inside the same building shell."

LCC and EWEB continue internship program

Two new LCC interns at EWEB - EWEB's current LCC interns, Roy Smith and Lief Hochendoner

The Eugene Water & Electric Board has been an active participant and supporter of the Lane Community College Energy Management Program since its inception in 1980. The program has produced graduates with a 95 percent placement rate into family-wage jobs. Students have found positions in private and public organizations under a wide variety of job titles in Eugene and throughout the Northwest. EWEB over the past few decades has offered more than 30 LCC students internship opportunities in its Commercial and Residential Energy Management Services departments.

Entire article: pdfLCCand_EWEBcontinue_internship_program.pdf03/15/2013
Origional article Link: EWEB Efficiency By Design – Spring 2013

Lane Community College to hold Downtown Center open house

By Chris McKee
Origionally Published on kmtr.com : March 1, 2013

KMTR-LCC-dtc-picSelected hightlight from article.
LCC will hold an open house to showcase the new Downtown Center on March 15. While hundreds of students and teachers have been using the building for classes over the last two months, the college says it now wants to show the community the all of the features inside.

Building representatives say the Downtown Center is basically “one giant classroom” from the top floor down thanks to several green elements and the incorporation of real building function into the student work environment.

On the green side, the building is going after a LEED Platinum status. LEED Platinum is one of the highest rankings for sustainable building projects as set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Throughout its design and construction, crews incorporated elements like a significant use of natural light, using the heat of the earth to help control air temperature, also using plants and water to help shed and reuse rainwater.

Entire article: pdfKMTR_LCC-toholdOpenhouse.pdf03/11/2013
Origional article Link: Lane Community College to hold Downtown Center open house

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