Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) at Lane Community College provides degrees in the energy and water industry throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

Online - Energy Management Degree (on hold starting Fall of 2021)

Evaluate, analyze and reduce energy use
Scholarships Available

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Online - Energy Management Degree focused on Building Controls

Manage the control systems that make buildings smart and energy-efficient
Scholarships Available

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Online - Water Conservation Technician Degree

Design & implement effective water use/reuse
Scholarships Available   

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Take the next step toward a new career in energy efficiency or water conservation

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No matter where your building is located or what it is used for, there’s one powerful tool that will make it run more efficiently: operator education.

Building systems are complex and interdependent. To get the most out of them, operators must be able to see the big picture. The Building Operator Certification® (BOC) program teaches facilities personnel to understand these systems and bring them collectively to peak efficiency.


And the Energy Trust of Oregon is offering incentives to take this training. 

Building Operator Certification® (BOC) trains and certifies building operators on the latest technologies and strategies for maintaining equipment, increasing occupant comfort, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs in their buildings. BOC is designed for building operators, custodians, maintenance staff and others interested in learning ways to save energy through building operation and maintenance.

Two levels of training are offered:
• Level I—Building Systems Maintenance (8 one-day classes)
• Level II—Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance (7 one-day classes)

Energy Trust of Oregon provides a cash incentive of up to $1,600* per building operator to help with the cost of completing Level I or Level II BOC training. Participants may not receive an incentive for both Level I and Level II certification within three years. This incentive is available for building operators regularly working in a commercial, multifamily, institutional or government building served by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista.    Energy Trust of Oregon


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