Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

The Independent Learner Energy Education Design (iLEED) project introduces a new method of career technical educational content delivery to the industry which enables energy efficiency education to be distributed to a wider geographic area. The National Science Foundation also recently funded a grant for our Water Conservation Program.  The ILEED is winding down but the Water is in full swing!! NSF Grant numbers ILEED 1601375 and WATER-I #1801182

Water-related issues are increasing and more voluntary and mandatory water conservation programs are being created.  In July of 2018, Lane Community College was awarded its second grant for putting the Water Conservation Technician program online.  The success of the Energy Management Program was used to leverage this effort. this grant is similarly funded and over the next 3 years will work to make this educational model successful.  

Graduates of the program will be doing the important work of addressing the myriad of current and future issues related to water use, conservation, and natural resources stewardship.

Graduates Of The Program Are Able To

  • Design, implement, evaluate, and market water conservation programs to a broad audience
  • Evaluate water usage patterns for rural, urban, residential, and commercial sites; recommend efficiency measures as well as alternative water sources.
  • Understand water distribution, flow, and elimination systems; basic hydraulics; quality issues; balance and time of use.
  • Understand the many stressors to water accessibility and how they interact to affect supply and demand along with other issues.
  • Monitor, collect, interpret and analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and modify them over time.
  • Calculate water and cost savings and produce comprehensive cost/benefit analysis reports.

In July of 2016, Lane Community College was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to fund an Independent Learner Energy Education Design (iLEED) project led by Energy/Water Education Programs Coordinator, Roger Ebbage.

Over the next 3 years, the $618,881 grant focuses on providing community college students with opportunities to learn about energy management through online classes, developing hands-on skills with “real world” field projects and cultivating potential employment connections with Northwest public utilities' mentors.


It supplies highly-qualified energy management technicians to our region’s commercial building sector and provides access to high-wage, high-skill jobs to students in rural areas, or students who are not able to attend “traditional” classes. With this model of higher education/ industry partnership, energy management students will be served regardless of their geographic location, work schedule, or family obligations. This opens opportunities to student demographics that are currently unavailable in current classes and absent within the energy industry.

iLEED is more than just generating online courses and or an online degree option.

The program is piloting a methodology for non-centrally located remote students to be able to accomplish technical hands-on activities. These activities are guided by industry experts who can facilitate access to tools, mechanical equipment and or tactile experiences. Additionally, they provide an invaluable direct student-to-industry connection that cultivates immersion into the industry along with potential employment opportunities.

The program is motivated by:

  • The high demand for energy management workforce by industry
  • The need for a novel education method which will expand technical education to broader student populations,
  • Lane Community College’s expertise in energy management programs and experience delivering quality programs outside the traditional campus environment.

"This is not just taking a program online, rather, we have the potential to revolutionize how career technical programs serve underserved populations. Utilizing proven online instructional methods and innovative partnerships, we expect to increase the Energy Management program’s enrollment and consequently that of Lane Community College."

Energy/Water Education Programs Coordinator, Roger Ebbage.

The iLEED grant was awarded on July 1, 2016 and is funded for three years. It is currently in its 4th year on a no-cost extension. 

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