Lane Community College (LCC) has been awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to the expand the Energy Management technician program to provide an online degree, hands-on skills with “real world” field projects and cultivate employment opportunities with regional employers.

The objectives of the expanded energy management technician program are not just limited to generating course content for online classes. The program is piloting a methodology for students to be able to accomplish technical hands-on activities remotely. These activities are guided by industry experts who can facilitate access to tools, mechanical equipment and/or tactile experiences. Additionally, they provide an invaluable direct student-to-industry connection that cultivates immersion into the energy industry along with potential employment opportunities.

The development of a robust online program enables energy efficiency education to be available to a wider geographic population.  The aim of the program is to produce highly-qualified energy management technicians for the region’s residential and commercial building sector and provide access to high-wage, high-skill jobs to students in rural areas or students who are not able to attend “traditional” classes at LCC’s homebase in Eugene, Oregon.