Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College
Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) at Lane Community College provides degrees in the energy and water industry throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

Online - Energy Management Degree

Evaluate, analyze and reduce energy use
Scholarships Available

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Online - Building Controls Technician Degree

Control the systems that make buildings smart
Scholarships Available

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Online - Water Conservation Technician Degree

Design & implement effective water use/reuse
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Take the next step toward a new career in energy efficiency or water conservation

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Energy Trust of Oregon has increased BOC incentives!!!

Good news for building operators.   The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) has increased incentives for qualifying participants.  This is a great opportunity to get training for the national Building Operator Certification.  For all the details please see the ETO website below. 
To register and find out more from us go HERE.
Energy Trust of Oregon provides a cash incentive of up to $1,600* per building operator to help with the cost of completing Level I or Level II BOC training. Participants may not receive an incentive for both Level I and Level II certification within three years.

State and Cities get big opportunity to cut carbon emissions!

A new model building code – all but finalized this week – gives U.S. states and cities a great chance to save money and cut pollution by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.  


Read the article more about this new building code Here.

The future is moving toward us.  These will be great jobs and there will be a need for technical education.  We got you covered!!  Building Controls Options 


Classes starting in the Fall.  

Got questions!!??  Email Roger Ebbage.  .  

Student Highlight

My name is Mia Hocking and I am a current LCC student enrolled in online Energy Management courses. I have worked for the Hillsboro School District since January 2010. In July 2018, I started a new position with the district as Resource Conservation Manager. This RCM position has experienced some turnover and I was looking for a creative challenge. Be careful what you ask for J It’s an amazing opportunity to do good things; save money, save resources, the collaboration between departments, develop programs and policies, engage our youth, and the list goes on. Even with all my ideas and desire to achieve, I realized that I really needed professional development in this new career. My research for education in this field led me to Roger Ebbage and that is how I found the Online Energy Management program at LCC.

I live and work in Hillsboro, OR so this is a major factor in my decision to enroll in this LCC program. I have not found similar programs or opportunities close to home. I also appreciate that I can complete the coursework around my daily work schedule. The district maintenance department has been understaffed for years and increasingly difficult to find skilled tradesmen interested in working for HSD. Given these circumstances, I felt that I needed resources that allowed me the opportunity to apply coursework to my daily tasks. I can say, without hesitation that LCC’s Online Energy Program and my instructors have provided applicable and accessible knowledge and training that continues to enhance my professional development.

Initially considering a commitment to a 2-year program and learning a new job seemed like a huge undertaking. It has been. However, I have only felt support and encouragement from both instructors, mentor, and my district. Considering that I have had to learn how to do my job without internal guidance, I am grateful to have made so many industry connections. I have much to learn yet, but I feel much more confident than if I had not enrolled in this program.

Below is a photo of Keith, one of our HVAC technicians and myself sitting in front of our HVAC controls workstations.Mia Hocking student

Water Conservation goes ONLINE too!

Our Water Conservation Technician Program will go online Fall of 2019.  You can take it from anywhere!!!

The Water Conservation Technician program consists of an inspiring community of students and faculty dedicated to improving community water security and quality using ecologically sustainable practices. Through the two-year Water Conservation Technician online program, you will be prepared for the growing field of Water Conservation and the challenges a shortage of water will bring. 

The Program trains individuals to evaluate water use patterns; develop, implement, market and maintain conservation programs; perform public outreach; recommend water efficiency techniques; integrate alternative water sources, and perform systems analysis to solve problems.

As water-related issues continue to increase, more voluntary and mandatory water conservation opportunities are being created that require a technical skill set like that which is offered within this program. Employment opportunities in Water Conservation are excellent. Students must consider the Western United States when seeking employment as those willing to relocate will have greater employment opportunities. 

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