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Logo: The Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) at Lane Community College provides degrees in the energy and water industry throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

Online - Energy Management Degree (on hold starting Fall of 2021)

Evaluate, analyze and reduce energy use
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Online - Energy Management Degree focused on Building Controls

Manage the control systems that make buildings smart and energy-efficient
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Online - Water Conservation Technician Degree

Design & implement effective water use/reuse
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Take the next step toward a new career in energy efficiency or water conservation

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Study Abroad: South Africa

The first group of students successfully completed their African adventure on July 4th, 2013. Keep posted in the years ahead for additional opportunities.

We are still working out many details so check this page as it will reflect the most up to date information. It may be beneficial to look at the bottom of this page for the last modification date.


Early in 2012, NWEEI began exploring the idea of starting up an International exchange program specifically for energy and water related studies. There was some initial interest in doing a study abroad course in India but our plans have changed a bit. We are not going to India to do a water project. Instead we are going to Wilberforce Community College, Evaton South Africa (outside of Johannesburg) with the intention to install both a Solar PV system and small Solar Hot Water system.

Josh and Roger returned from South Africa in Mid February 2013 after checking out the location, lodging, food, and cultural side trips that we might take. We are looking at a 10 day course starting late in June (2 days travel on either side of the class) coupled with an online preparatory class starting April 1 so everyone will be on the same page regarding Solar PV.

Total Costs

We are now looking at $2600-$2800 /per person cost to participate in the program (see the Timeline for payment details).  That includes:

  • Air Fare - arranged by individual traveler & paid directly to airline. We'll assist you with the timing of the purchase as we track airfare prices.  We are expecting the cost to be ~$1,500-$1700.
  • Travel & Meals - to be paid to NWEEI.  Deadline will be posted.
    • To and from the airport
    • Two field trips (maybe three). Includes admission.
    • Meals and lodging while at Wilberforce.
    • Security Cash = 200 Rand (~$20 bucks).  This is just a precaution for any emergency situations that may arise requiring a phone call and or if you need help.
  • Course tuition - Paid to Lane Community College via Enrollment services. There will be two courses offered. The first is a 4 credit online course starting Spring Term April 1 (NRG155 PV System Design and Installation 1 ONLINE - CRN#44524) for those of you who have not already taken PV and solar water heating from our renewable program. If you already are (or have previously), you will not need to sign up and take the online portion of the program.

    The other is the 3-4 credit on-site course while in SA (NRG157 Renewable Energy Systems - CRN#11291 ). The purpose for this course is to give you credit for your education but also so you will have insurance while on the road. You can use the courses in your degree program as electives and or course substitutions. Our plans are to be installing a PV system w/battery back up and a solar thermal system for the dining hall hot water.

Expenses to consider that are not included in the budget above

  • Passport Book = ~$155 ($110 Application fee + $25 Execution Fee + $20 photo)
  • Immunization = Yellow Fever is suggested but left up to individual - ~$100. Because we will be working with metal, yourTetanus shots should also be up to date.
    Summary: If for some reason our flight is diverted to another country that has Yellow Fever and you can not display your immunization record, you may be forced to recieve the immunization (and pay for it) before being allowed to continue on your flight(s) most likely causing delays in travel.
  • Meals while at the airport(s) = $60-80
  • Snacks, Coffee, Tea Comfort items = $50
  • Gifts, cellphones, phone cards = $Up to you!

Disclaimer: NWEEI reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs in case of conditions beyond its control.

Timeline Calendar

This section will be updated as soon information becomes available. It will include important drop dead dates and day by day schedule. Calendar or itinerary not displaying below? -- click here.

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