Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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AACC’s SEED Center Mentor Connect program pairs best-in-class green colleges with “mentee” colleges in an effort to build and expand programs that prepare students for careers in clean energy and sustainability-related fields. The benefits of peer mentoring are well-documented, but this project (documented in SEED's new report: Mentor Connect Project: Connecting Colleges for Sustainability Skill Building), marks the first time the concept has been applied on a national scale to green and sustainability programs at community colleges. With 470 community colleges pursuing sustainability in some form, and with many struggling to define the curricular opportunities, this kind of technical assistance can be an effective way to replicate the most innovative community college practices.

Lane Reference in SEED report below!



SUMMER Energy Management Certification
Annual Specialized Training Event

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July 10th-21st 2017
Registration now open!

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