Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

Education & Training for Energy & Water Professionals

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Press & Media

Siemens interested in graduates from LCC Energy Management program

​Originionally published By Joan Aschim Wednesday, June 22, 2016

people sitting around tableEUGENE, Ore. — Lane Community College is working with Siemens, one of the world’s largest engineering companies, in support of its Energy Management Program. The program includes a building automation systems option, which helps better prepare students for careers in the building technologies industry.

Siemens has a significant need for qualified building technologies personnel and is working with Lane to create a process of identifying students with a knowledge of building controls for possible positions in its Oregon offices.

Entire article: pdfnr2040-Newsroom-LaneCC.pdf
Original article Link: https://www.lanecc.edu/newsroom/n/nr2040

National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Awarded

nsflogo-medLane Community College (LCC) has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to fund an Independent Learner Energy Education Design (iLEED) project led by LCC's Energy and Water Education Programs Coordinator, Roger Ebbage. Over the next 3 years, the $618,881 grant will focus on providing community college students with opportunities to learn about energy management through online classes, developing hands on skills with “real world” field projects and cultivating potential employment connections with Northwest public utilities mentors.

iLEED introduces a new method of career technical educational content delivery which enables energy efficiency education to be available for a wider population geographicly. It produces highly-qualified energy management technicians to our region’s commercial building sector and provides access to high-wage, high-skill jobs to students in rural areas, or students who are not able to attend “traditional” classes.

Clean Tech for Buildings Takes Root

Originionally published By Matthew Dembicki January 25, 2016

​NEW ORLEANS — New buildings at community colleges provide fertile ground for campuses to not only integrate technology to save energy and money, they also provide hands-on learning experiences for students and instructors.

“Everyone is building now to LEED-standard buildings,” said Roger Ebbage, director of energy management and water conservation at Lane Community College’s (LCC) Institute for Sustainable Practices.

The Oregon college’s institute — dubbed the “building that teaches” —  provides the latest in technology, from natural ventilation to solar water heating, and it also allows for students and staff to test systems for efficiency. For example, the Institute for Sustainable Practices has multiple heating and cooling systems. Students can experiment to find the best combinations that produce the lowest carbon emissions and lowest utility costs.

Entire article: pdfClean_tech_for_buildings_takes_root.pdf02/10/2016
Original article Link: http://ccdaily.com/Pages/Sustainability/New-opportunities-in-clean-tech.aspx

Lane Sustainability Achievements Featured in Utility News

“Business Currents,” a newsletter published by the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB), features an article titled “Lane Community College embodies sustainability” in its current issue. The article explains show Lane has used its Greenpower grants form EWEB to support energy efficiency and other sustainability on campus.

Lane Community College Embodies Sustainability

Original article Link: http://www.eweb.org/bc/march2015/lcc

bc LCCSince Lane Community College's founding 1964, the college has emerged over the past five decades as a leader in innovation in both its operations and its curriculum, including efforts to use energy wisely and sustainably. So when the Eugene Water & Electric Board offered a renewable energy program, it made good sense for the college to support the program.

"EWEB's Greenpower program aligns perfectly with the college's core values," said Anna Scott, Lane's energy analyst. "The college now pledges 12% of its energy use to EWEB Greenpower."

Bold Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

SRG partnership preview

Opportunities abound with every project. What prevents them is not seeing them. You have to see the opportunities, connect the dots and pursue with vigor.

By Jon Wiener, AIA
Originally Published on srgpartnership.com : October 24, 2014

What began as a dream to build a net zero energy building as a teaching tool for LCC’s prestigious energy management program converged with the City of Eugene’s desire to revitalize a struggling urban neighborhood. What resulted is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Our integrated solution, joining education, urban planning, architecture, and engineering, has created a living/learning center, high performing educational laboratory, and $50 million in new urban development.

Entire article: pdfPartnership-Synergies_SRG_Partnership20141028.pdf10/28/2014
Original article Link: http://www.srgpartnership.com/blog/2014/10/partnership-and-synergies/

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